Isolated Soy Protein

Isolated Soybean Protein (ISP) is high quality protein that our company produces with unpolluted, NON-GMO high quality Northeast soybeans. The content of protein is over 90%. It can be easily digested and absorbed for supplementing the necessary protein and amino acid in time. It has the similar nutritious value as milk, chicken and meat, but with neither carbohydrate nor fat and choesterol. It has special health function. It has good characters as good emulsification, high gelagglutination, strong cohesion , good solubility and despensibility. It is suitable for the production of emulsive minced meat and fish products. The ISP may join into the muscle fiber of the meat. Through an agitating process, it may form an even and stable protein molecule membrane on the fat particles' surface. On the other hand, the characters of gel agglutination and cohesion make the protein solvent glue form a three diminsin network structure with certain mechanical strength so as to reinforce the intensity of the product and keep its demand water and fat content. It not only intensifies the quality (elasticity, hardness, cohesion, organoleptic chewiness) and flavor, but also increases the end product's quantity for the economy of the user.


At present, our company has 4 types of ISP: gel agglutinative type, emulsificative type, gel agglutinative and emulsificative type, and injection type.


Gel agglutinative type: This type of ISP has good gel agglutinative characters that holds 4-5 times of water and makes the final product with good elastic and stable quality.


Emulsificative type: This type of ISP contain hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups that keeps the mixture of water and oil at emulsion status with very good emulsifying stability to prevent water and oil inside the product from losing. It also prevents the fat in ham or sausage from being separated. The emulsifying ability can be 1:5:5(ISP: water: oil).


Gel agglutinative and emulsificative type: It has characters of both the gel agglutinative type and emulsificative type, keeping good elasticity after emulsification with very good emulsificative stability. The emulsification ability can be 1:5:5 (ISP: water: oil).


Injection type: The protein can be dispersed in water quickly (10 times of water, within 25 seconds), without coagulation or sediment after dispersing .

Test items                                       
Protein(N*6.25, dry basis)

90% min.
NSI(Nitrogen Sobubility Index) 88% min.
Fat 1.0% max.
Moisture 7.0% max.
Ash content 5.5% max.
Fineness(100% screen) 95% min.
Total plate count per/g 30000 max.
E.coli per/100g 30 max.
Salmonella per/g Negative